Sunday, 20 March 2016

Why vote Trump

With the rise of Trump and his word to make America great (again), it has to be asked when was it ever great, was it when the Indians were murdered in the millions, killed when their land was taken from them, something that historically speaking is ignored, the reality of what happened, to the original inhabitants. Is the man of wind proud of slavery where millions of people were stolen, kidnapped tortured murdered made to work on land stolen to make some people rich, a system that built the USA, it's economy is built on violence and murder. Is the KKK something Trump is proud of though, he has their support, the hangings of Black People the racist laws, police, governments that allowed racism to continue for so long and still does, Black Lives Matter. He wants to spread racism his attacks on Muslims, Hispanics and Mexicans are a sign of the where he wants to be, encouraging hatred, harking backwards will only make life harder for some and it won't be hard for trump. People should be given hope, not a return to quite shameful parts of history, Trump has been called a fascist which isn't far from the truth. For Trump foreign policy will also represent the USA's greatness more intervention more wars for it;s own interests and other countries resources, more control and power over others and more people dead.

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