Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fascists and Anti Fascists

Since the Brexit vote and the apparent drive to get out of Europe, people that are seen as people that should not be here have been attacked whether, they be Esstern European, Asian or from the Middle East all because of racists and fascists feeling victorious due to the success of racists from ukip, the tories.
Fascists from different groups have marches across the UK to try and benefit from this racism, all trying to build their support, but fortunately have failed miserably, demonstrations by fascists have been small and easily outnumbered by anti fascists.
in Nottingham, We had the same on Saturday the 6th of August We had the fascist edl,that had called for a national demo in Nottingham. This group renowned from day one of their creation as being drunken Islamaphobes, pub crawls being as important as their hatred of Muslims, everybody else.
Nottingham people as soon as the 70 odd fascists began to march after 2-3 hours in a pub, they were met with people opposing their hatred, being clearly opposed by by large numbers of people the police ensured that these fascists were allowed to march, all the way into Nottingham City Centre, where they were met by over 400 hundred people,at a counter demo called by Unite Against Fascis,  from a Multi Cultural Nottingham, Women Men, any age there to say Nazis not welcome here, their speeches drown out by chants there are many more of Us than You, their ideas aren't welcome in Nottingham or anywhere else and always will be opposed.