Monday, 21 March 2016

'Sharing is caring': A sense of togetherness in one community

There were several interesting moment in my life doing humanity works that I might share and one of it was while I experiencing served food for the poverty, homeless or anyone that wanted to develop relations among people regardless who there are and where they come from. Indeed, without thinking their religion/faith, ethnicity and ideology, food for poverty need to be served with equality and it should show how we care for all.
Every Wednesdays afternoon, I and other volunteers with different background and faith worked at one church that allowed us to use their place to serve food for this people. Actually, it is not about food, but mostly about how we can share and care to each other without having any prejudice, stereotype, discrimination, ethnocentrism or racism. All these negative aspects only can make us in distance instead we actually can live in harmony and happiness. Food for poverty has its significance to unify different people into one community. Living in mixed culture will help us to know each other and developed what it called as integration. Otherwise, disintegration only make us live in our own world with egoistic. The concept of shared value in diversity can show how we are care among us because people always say that 'Sharing is Caring'. Peace and Love for our world.

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