Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fascists and Anti Fascists

Since the Brexit vote and the apparent drive to get out of Europe, people that are seen as people that should not be here have been attacked whether, they be Esstern European, Asian or from the Middle East all because of racists and fascists feeling victorious due to the success of racists from ukip, the tories.
Fascists from different groups have marches across the UK to try and benefit from this racism, all trying to build their support, but fortunately have failed miserably, demonstrations by fascists have been small and easily outnumbered by anti fascists.
in Nottingham, We had the same on Saturday the 6th of August We had the fascist edl,that had called for a national demo in Nottingham. This group renowned from day one of their creation as being drunken Islamaphobes, pub crawls being as important as their hatred of Muslims, everybody else.
Nottingham people as soon as the 70 odd fascists began to march after 2-3 hours in a pub, they were met with people opposing their hatred, being clearly opposed by by large numbers of people the police ensured that these fascists were allowed to march, all the way into Nottingham City Centre, where they were met by over 400 hundred people,at a counter demo called by Unite Against Fascis,  from a Multi Cultural Nottingham, Women Men, any age there to say Nazis not welcome here, their speeches drown out by chants there are many more of Us than You, their ideas aren't welcome in Nottingham or anywhere else and always will be opposed.

Monday, 21 March 2016

'Sharing is caring': A sense of togetherness in one community

There were several interesting moment in my life doing humanity works that I might share and one of it was while I experiencing served food for the poverty, homeless or anyone that wanted to develop relations among people regardless who there are and where they come from. Indeed, without thinking their religion/faith, ethnicity and ideology, food for poverty need to be served with equality and it should show how we care for all.
Every Wednesdays afternoon, I and other volunteers with different background and faith worked at one church that allowed us to use their place to serve food for this people. Actually, it is not about food, but mostly about how we can share and care to each other without having any prejudice, stereotype, discrimination, ethnocentrism or racism. All these negative aspects only can make us in distance instead we actually can live in harmony and happiness. Food for poverty has its significance to unify different people into one community. Living in mixed culture will help us to know each other and developed what it called as integration. Otherwise, disintegration only make us live in our own world with egoistic. The concept of shared value in diversity can show how we are care among us because people always say that 'Sharing is Caring'. Peace and Love for our world.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Why vote Trump

With the rise of Trump and his word to make America great (again), it has to be asked when was it ever great, was it when the Indians were murdered in the millions, killed when their land was taken from them, something that historically speaking is ignored, the reality of what happened, to the original inhabitants. Is the man of wind proud of slavery where millions of people were stolen, kidnapped tortured murdered made to work on land stolen to make some people rich, a system that built the USA, it's economy is built on violence and murder. Is the KKK something Trump is proud of though, he has their support, the hangings of Black People the racist laws, police, governments that allowed racism to continue for so long and still does, Black Lives Matter. He wants to spread racism his attacks on Muslims, Hispanics and Mexicans are a sign of the where he wants to be, encouraging hatred, harking backwards will only make life harder for some and it won't be hard for trump. People should be given hope, not a return to quite shameful parts of history, Trump has been called a fascist which isn't far from the truth. For Trump foreign policy will also represent the USA's greatness more intervention more wars for it;s own interests and other countries resources, more control and power over others and more people dead.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Refugees welcome here

Since World War 2, we have had so many wars, conflicts between the West and East, wars over oil; for terrority, for power and with the usual thousands upon thousands of innocent people have died in the wake of this wars that are said to be for freedom? The latest war that is news, is that of Syria though there others that either the West or East could be involved in, for whatever reasons they can think up. I mention the Syrian war as it is an another example of people wanting to bomb others without looking at the consequences of what problems that they cause after, never learn from failed wars but watch the effects of new ones. Within Syria groups supported by the West directly or indirectly have been fighting against Assad some as part of the revolution others for other reasons, whatever the reason this has led to the deaths of thousands, huge amounts of refugees fleeing this war, as have other victims of wars have gone to Europe to escape the fighting, not in the thousands or hundreds of thousands but in their millions. This has been their largest movement of refugees since the rise of fascism across Europe, treatment of these people has been far from humane, refugees allowed to drown, having to rely on people smugglers to escape bombings, war, when reaching Europe barbed wire fences, reluctant governments have met their need of support and need of safety. Even countries that may be classed as liberal in the response to 'Humanitarian needs' have gone to the right, responding to right-wing demands, some have shown little interest in the needs of these people. Leaders pandering not just to racism against refugees but listening to fascists, letting them influence the outlook towards all refugees. Though this could be seen as negative and a tad depressing there is an alternative to the ideas of racism and anti-refugee sentiment, today has been UN Anti-Racism Day, which has seen thousand across Europe demonstrate against Racism, Islamophobia anti-Semitism and in support of Refugees, hopefully this demonstrations/marches with give rise to a movement that bring about the demise of racism in all it's forms and the support of Refugees.